100% Resale Royalty
No physical dimensions
Sales history

The work comprises the work’s sales history. The work may be purchased
from its current owner by anyone at any time by sending the Price to the
Paypal account consumer@redbeast.com, where the Price on any day
(Eastern Time) is the number of days after January 31, 2020. For example,
if the work were purchased on February 6, 2020, the Price would be $6.00.
Ownership of the work may change hands more than once on the same day.
Each owner’s name and e-mail address together with the corresponding date of
purchase and Price will be posted at: https://alfredsteiner.com/100-rr.htm.
Upon request, the artist will provide any former owner with a certificate
noting the dates during which such owner owned the work. Payments not
precisely equal to the Price shall be deemed gifts to the artist.